About GuavaBox | A Pittsburgh, PA Based Inbound Marketing Agency

GuavaBox is an inbound marketing and web design agency that helps businesses connect with new potential customers. By partnering with companies, we work together to rethink and redesign their web presence to meet prospective customers where they naturally spend their time.

Recognize the Shift in Human Behavior

The way that people build trust and arrive at a purchase decision has changed. The rise of Google as a household verb has flipped the traditional buying cycle on its head. It has become increasingly difficult to gain a direct line to the decision maker.

Businesses today, specifically in the business-to-business industrial space, are struggling to connect with this new type of buyer.  This shift in consumer behavior is why we started GuavaBox. We’re an inbound marketing agency, and we help businesses in the industrial space attract and convert qualified leads through their website.

Companies Struggle to Bring it Together

In speaking with business owners, we find that most CEOs today acknowledge that the Internet isn’t going anywhere. That being said, they’re still struggling to put together an online marketing presence that tells their story and helps them grow their business.

There are tons of reasons why companies don’t do a good job of marketing themselves: low internal bandwidth, little understanding of winning online marketing strategy, etc. These factors can be overcome in a partnership. The factor that really determines success in the end is the desire to grow.

Barriers to Change

Sustainable growth requires change. Change isn’t easy. It means breaking old habits and embracing new methodologies. A lot of companies don’t want growth badly enough to complete the necessary steps.

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