Custom HubSpot COS Design Services

What Is The HubSpot COS?

HubSpot's Content Optimization System (HubSpot COS details) is a mobile-responsive, fully-integrated website, blogging, and landing page system. Like most content management systems (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.) it's easy to optimize for search and fully capable of all kinds of integrations.

The platform's real value, however, is that the COS is built right on top of your marketing database.

Why Use HubSpot's COS?

Integrating your contact database with your website platform allows you to deeply personalize the experience for your website visitors. That personalization, provides context to your content, and is critical for converting visitors to leads, and leads to customers.

Choosing to build on the HubSpot COS makes your marketing efforts smarter and your sales cycle shorter, by allowing you to provide the right content to the right person at the right time.

Why Work With A HubSpot COS-Certified Agency?

Unlike many CMS's, the COS isn't free. That raises the entry to barrier for developers as well as for users. In addition to the cost (HubSpot starts at $200/month, see HubSpot pricing), HubSpot's COS certification program weeds out a lot of developers and agencies who aren't serious about excelling at the platform.

When you partner with a COS-certified development team, you know that you're working with folks who take both inbound marketing and high-quality web development seriously.

Here's the bottom line: if you're investing in a new website on the COS, it's worth it to work with a certified COS development team.

How Much Does A COS Website Cost?

Our COS website design pricing starts at $10,000. Many of our initial projects wind up in the 15K - 50K range.

That being said, there are a lot of variables that impact pricing for a new COS website, so let's dig into the variables and a couple examples to give you a rough idea.

Major pricing variables include:

  • Any complex functionality.
  • The amount of content, pages, and posts.
  • Content creation and formatting, and smart content.
  • The number of page templates to be created.
  • The HubSpot package you need - you don't need external hosting, but you will need to pay HubSpot's monthly fee for the COS.
  • The timeline you have to work with.
  • Additional elements like content offers, landing pages, emails, video creation, etc.

An example:

  • You need to get up and running on the COS soon. The project requires custom design and development for the home page, two internal page designs, blog design, landing pages, and a contact page. You can create the 15-20 pages of content, but need help optimizing it for search, implementing it into the website, and formatting appropriately. Calls-to-action, forms, site search, and social media integration are all important, as well as email marketing templates.
  • So what does it cost and how long will it take? Every project is unique, but you could expect to invest between 18K - 25K for this 4-6 week project.

What is the development timeline?

The development time for most projects is 6-12 weeks, and largely depends on your ability to get content and feedback to us in a timely fashion. Most projects are finished well within the estimated time frame that we've agreed to up-front.

How do I get started?

It's not that complicated - fill out the form on the right to start the conversation and get a quote!

Also, if you want to see an example of our work, head on over and check out DoInbound.

For more examples, case studies, references, and testimonials, just fill out the form and request the information you'd like!

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